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The See Center Services

At The See Center, we welcome patients of all ages - starting at six months old. 

Products and services provided by The See Center include:


Glasses Gallery Room

The See Center’s glasses and sunglasses are made of quality materials (both frames and lenses); frames are durable and lens quality helps patients see their best; specialized lenses are sold as well (e.g. polarized lenses cut glare off roads and water - often used by people who like the outdoors). Frames are available to fit most budgets. Exclusive designers are also available including Oakley, Gucci and Silhouette.

Eye Exams

Used to verify the need of glasses and contact lens prescriptions or to determine if the patient can get refractive surgery (LASIK); examine how well the eye’s focusing system works and how comfortably the eyes work together; monitor the health of the eyes and how they correlate with the health conditions of the body (e.g. diabetes).

Infant/Children’s Eye Exams Same as “Eye Exams” description; however, appropriate testing method is employed based on the infant/child’s age.

Contact Lens Exams Assess the appropriate prescription and lens option for the patient; makes sure that the lenses fit properly to keep the eyes healthy.

Contact Lenses All varieties of lenses are available and purchasing contact lenses from The See Center allows staff to make sure patients receive the appropriate lenses and are completely satisfied with them.

Red Eye Appointments Determine and diagnose the cause of red eyes and appoint treatment (e.g. pink eye).
Foreign Body Removal Consists of the removal of particles in the eye followed by the giving of prescriptions and other appropriate treatments (e.g. antibiotics to keep the eye from getting infected).

Glaucoma Co-Management Diagnose and co-manage treatment of this disease. Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve thereby initially decreasing one's peripheral vision. It is often characterized by high pressure in the eye, which can be detected by various tests (e.g. the air puff test screens for high eye pressure) and is often treated with daily eye drops.

Surgical And Medical Co-Management If any surgeries are wanted (like LASIK) or are indicated (like cataract surgery), then The See Center will do the appropriate pre and post operation care.

Dry Eye and Allergy Care Diagnosis and treatment for the many people suffering from dry eyes and/or eye allergies

Developmental Vision Exam The regular exam will check the input (can a patient read 20/20?). This exam, however, will check eye movements for reading, processing ability (like the computer itself, what the brain does with visual information) and output (like a printer, can we get out what we see like through hand-writing and other visually guided tasks).

Dr. Janet specializes in the following services:

Vision Therapy Helps to improve inefficient visual skills (e.g. the eye’s focusing system). For instance, inefficient visual skills can sometimes contribute to headaches while doing near tasks and lower reading comprehension. Activities will be given weekly and must be done daily to improve poor skills.

Low Vision Evaluation

For a person who cannot see well even with glasses or contact lenses, certain devices such as magnifying glasses or telescopes can allow the person to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do (e.g. reading their mail or reading road signs).

InfantSEE Examination As an InfantSEE provider, Dr. Corbit-Drakulich offers a one-time, comprehensive eye examination to infants six to 12 months of age at no cost, regardless of income.  For more information on the InfantSEE initiative, visit www.infantsee.org.